Friday, October 26, 2007

It's early

It's early and the only one awake is Carter, of course. I hate that I can't sleep in but I have to get ready for work anyway. Well...I'm all alone at work now. My trainer has left and it's all up to me now. I love it though. And I'm so happy that I got this promotion. I never realized what responsibility I now have. And it has the potential for major growth. I love it!

Steve's getting back today. He went on a business trip to, of all places, Las Vegas. He wined and complained about it I think to make me not feel so bad about him having fun down here. He went to Blue Man Group last night. Oh poor baby. I feel so bad that his trips away from us are so awful. He gets to eat great food and get re-imbursed for it and I get to eat frozen chicken nuggets and fries. Although last night it was too late after picking Addison up from dance to cook to I did the Mc Donald's thing. Oh well. I actually enjoy the "alone" time when the kids go to bed. I can watch whatever I want on TV! BTW...was anyone else dissappointed that "Ava" didn't stick around? I'm really going to vent. I never realized that as your kids get older, especially with girls, the drama gets worse! I try to stay out of Addison's little tiffs with her friends but I couldn't this time. Addison was accused of stealing someone's cell phone and making calls on it at a Primary activity. And I was told my this little girl's mother that Addison and her friend were very disrespectful to the Primary pres. I know how Addison is at home with her tude and everything but I've NEVER once had someone tell me that she had a tude to a teacher or leader. So I didn't believe this mother and stuck up for Addison. I even called the Primary president to get her side of the story. Come to find out it was Addison's friend who took the cell phone and was trying to call her dad. Addison was with her so I think that the girl's mom assumed Addison had done it. I HATE having to deal with crap like this. It really bothers me. Oh and this mom said "Addison's your first child and "K" is my 3rd so I really know what I'm doing." Nice huh? Oh well...I'm a drama magnet. I can't wait to move out of the neighborhood. There are some crazy neighbors here!

I have to run and get in the shower and get ready for work. I'm hoping to get off early b/c the house is a disaster and I need to straighten up before Steve gets home tonight! I'm having a hard time juggling work and home! I'm looking forward to Saturday so we can clean up. The kids really need to clean their rooms. Oh and I can't wait to move into our new house with a play room and then the kids' crap won't be all over the rooms! Especially legos that I step on! Thank goodness for finished basements!


The Hale Family said...

So since the lady has more kids than you she is a pro???? That is should tell her she is lame and see what she says...just a thought. I miss you.

Tiffany said...

Hey it sounds to me that she is trying to convince herself that she is a better mom then you are. You don't give yourself complements (You only do that because no one else will.) As for her complementing herself as to be a better parent. I say BLA BLA BLA!! Your a GREAT MOM!

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