Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ryan Innes

On Thursday my daughter and I drove up to Nibley, UT to help a good friend with the local Ryan Innes concert.  He's the singer who is from Utah and rocked it on The Voice.  His voice is AMAZING!!  We've been fans of his for a long time now!  Our job was to set up the band's dinner.  So fun!! 
My daughter was so excited to meet him.  He shook her hand and I think she might have instantly fallen in love!  She didn't want to wash it.  So cute!
Have I mentioned how amazing his voice is?  He can definitely melt my butter.  You have to hear the song to understand.  He put on an amazing show!  
My friend had the cutest vintage dishes we set the table with.  They loved the food and we loved them!  I just thought it was so nice of him to perform in a little town in Cache Valley, UT.  I'm pretty sure he'll win a Grammy soon!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swap Catch Up

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger!!  Yes, I have my excuses but you know what they say about excuses!  I am SO very sorry to my partners.  Having The Hubs lose his job and having a chronically ill kid will throw you for a loop sometimes.  I'm sorry!!

Here's my recap from the itty bitty beauty swap I did.  Beth and Angie at Chaotic Goddess Swaps put together an amazingly fun swap!  I was paired up with Cassie from Southeast by Midwest.  She was so fun to get to know.  She has a really cool beauty blog.  At first I was intimidated because I'm just the opposite.  I'm so out of touch with makeup and stuff like that.  I used to love wearing makeup and dressing up.  When Carter got sick and when he's in the hospital I shower and slap some lotion on and that's it.  So that's why I was excited about this swap. 

Cassie was so nice!  And sent me some really fun things that I've fallen in LOVE with.  She also wrote me such a sweet letter!  

Isn't this awesome?  I was seriously spoiled.  I told her that I wanted to try red lipstick but I was too scared to.  She sent me the most amazing shade of red and I love it!  I feel so retro when I wear it.  The crackle nail polish is so fun!  I've gotten a LOT of compliments when I wear it.  I paired it up with a really dark plum color.  The glitter polish is equally as fun!  I LOVE glitter anything!  The Wet n Wild lip gloss is a new favorite of mine.  It adds JUST enough of color to your lips when you want it.  It makes your lips super smooth too!  I love the mascara.  I sent her a packet of face mask and was hoping I'd get some too and guess what she sent me?  It was so much fun to try.

Thank you Cassie!  Again, I am so very sorry I posted so late.  I loved everything!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Thursday, May 16, 2013


I LOVE "Throw Back Thursday".  There are some doozies out there!  Here's what I posted today on instagram. 

Throwing it back a good 20 plus years!  Who remembers glamour shots?  Hey, get naked, I'll "doll" you up and take your picture.  You're a teen?  Even better!  What was I thinking?  Hilarious!

Friday, May 10, 2013

5 on Friday

Ready for this?  It's been a while. 

Top 5...

1.  I am addicted to Instagram.  It's true.  This week one of my photos was featured on one of my favorite sites.  Look at that little lamb!  So cute.
2.  I LOVE Cafe Rio.  If I could eat there every day I totally would.  There's only one thing I get...the pork salad with the tomatillo dressing.  Well, I follow them on facebook because they throw out silly questions every so often and the top 5 answers win a FREE MEAL!  You know you just said that in your head.  So guess who won a free meal with her answer this week!  Yes, me!  So fun!  The question was if eating Cafe Rio was a crime what would you do to avoid capture?  I said that I'd become a cop then I could eat all the evidence.
  3.  I started balloon twisting classes this week.  Look what I can make after just one class!  I think the Carnie blood in me is paying off!  I even have a party that I'm twisting at this weekend.  My goal is to become good enough to do parties, fairs, etc.  I think if after one lesson I can twist and figure stuff out I'll be good!  So glad I have circus blood in me.  I'm not kidding either! 

4.  A new photography proposition presented itself to me this week.  I'll keep you posted.  I am SO very, very excited. 

5.  I received some of my first training and reading materials for PTA president this week.  My daughter was called down to the office to grab the packet.  She was so worried when her name was called.  HA!  I am a little overwhelmed at this point but I plan to be the best PTA president the Jr. High has had in a long time!

Bottom 5...

1.  My 6 year old missed dance pictures this week.  I am more than sad!  I never received the email or the paper that said when pictures were to be taken.  I got a call at the beginning of my class and there was no way to get him there.  I still can't believe it.

2.  Our power company made a MAJOR mistake and turned off our power on Wed.  I was livid.  The guy who came to turn it back on was more than apologetic.  He was sweet.  But I was still mad!  Turns out all I had to do was turn the breaker switch back to on.  Seriously??? 

3.  Why is it that when you REALLY need to print something off the ink runs out?

4.  This has been a really stressful week.  Waiting for things is hard!

5.  I have really missed my parents this week.  I mean, I miss them all the time but this week was worse.  I'm having a hard time with kindergarten ending and knowing my baby will be gone all day long in just a few months.  All I wanted was to call my mom and have a good cry!  I love you mom and dad!

Hope you had a great week!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Swaps This Month

I am participating in not one but TWO swaps this month!!  I love this, can you tell?  The first one is this...

I am so excited about it!  You have to check it out.  It's a smaller priced swap.  You need to spend only $15-25.  And you get beauty products!  YES, please!  I love Beth and Angie who put these swaps together.  They work hard and I always try my best to honor that by putting together great packages.

The other swap is this...

Cara Box

I absolutely love these Cara Box Swaps.  She has well over 200 people per month to track and she does an amazing job.  I have met the most amazing women through this.  My favorite part about this swap is the personal note that you send with it.  Oh I can't wait.  And there's a theme every month.  This month's theme is about everything local.  I need to send my partner a box filled with goodies that are local to Utah.  So fun! She loved the outdoors so this will be perfect.

Go check them out!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mug O Comfort Swap

My friend asked me if I am always participating in a swap.  I LOVE them and I try to do one a month.  Who doesn't like to get treats in the mail?  This time I was paired up with Jennifer over at Utah Queen of Chaos.  She's got 4 little kids and I can't even begin to imagine that!  She is also from Utah and we have very similar tastes in liquid refreshment.

Check out my haul!
 Look at all those herbal teas to try!  When I was shopping for Jennifer I bought her the pineapple chamomile tea too.  I almost bought some for myself because it looked so good.  I think I'll throw some water in the kettle right now!  I absolutely love the mug.  I don't have a travel mug so this is perfect!  Thanks!
  So you might have noticed that these chocolates are already opened.  That's right, I dove right in.  Man, are they good!  I only had one square each and I will savor every single bite.  And I'm not sharing!  Sorry kids and hubs.  These need to last me a while.

Thanks again ladies for an amazing swap.  I can't wait for the next one!  Click on the mug picture to see the rest of the hauls!  And to see upcoming swaps!