Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

My sister tagged me so here are 6 things/habits about me.

1. I just got a big promotion at work. I now do accounts payable and accounts receivable. And I absolutely LOVE it!

2. I have loads of unfolded laundry on my couch. I get up early and do 2 loads before work but don't have time to fold it. I'm still working on the whole juggling work and home!

3. I HATE unpacking after trips. Sometimes my stuff will sit for a while before I unpack my suitcase. And when I do I end up finding an article of clothing that I had been looking for.

4. I play the piano for the Lutherans! And I actually make really good money doing it.

5. While I'll miss Steve while he's gone on his business trip I'll seceretly love watching what I want on TV at night!

6. I have a HORRIBLE time making up my mind. I hate making choices about what to do, where to eat, what to eat, etc.


The Hale Family said...

Yeah! Thanks for answering those! I loved reading it. I miss you.

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