Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had such a Christmas! We went to Steve's sister's house for Christmas Eve and then spent the night at his parent's house. It was fun to do that! I don't think they've ever seen the kids on Christmas morning opening presents. The kids were so excited that Santa came and brought then what they wanted. Addison got a Vtech lap top. Ian got a skateboard and I'm sure a couple of ER visits soon. And Carter got a giraff rocker. The kids sprinkled their reindeer food on Christmas Eve and fell asleep fast! Steve's sister and I took the girls to the movies to see Enchanted. I absolutely LOVE that movie! Then the rest of Steve's family came over.

It really didn't feel like Christmas this year. It flew by and I really didn't get to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. There's always next year. Now it's time to make those resolutions!

I hope you all had a GREAT Christmas! Sorry our cards came out late! I've been flaky lately! I'm hoping to do better soon!

Love you!


The Hale Family said...

I love that giraffe!!!

Alynda said...

Cute pics!!! Carter looks so big on his giraffe. It is awesome. Thanks for the call yesterday, it's nice to be remembered.

Adrienne said...

Carter looks so cute on his giraffe!

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