Sunday, December 30, 2007


My niece was baptized yesterday. It was an awesome event and afterward we were sitting talking to Steve's sister and I was telling her how badly we want to go on a cruise. I mentioned that we should all go and she totally agreed! I am stoked. I had no idea that you only had to put a deposit down and then you can pay on it all year long if you need to. So we decided that we would go in Feb 2009. I can not wait!! Steve's parents even want to come. Oh my gosh I am so excited and so are they. Renae called me later that afternoon and said that it was all they could talk about. I know it seems like a long ways off but it will give us time to save up so we can do some fun stuff when we go! Whooohooooo! We should do this for a Kusch vacation too! We can all save up! It would be awesome!


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