Sunday, December 2, 2007

The joys of boys

Carter cracks all of us up. He LOVES Lucky Charms. But he only likes the marshmallows. He will beg for more and more cereal and before we know it his tray is covered in JUST cereal. And I caught Ian playing with his lego guys in the microwave. Luckily the microwave never needs pre-heating so no toys were melted! And Carter just discovered that the bottom drawer of the oven is a pretty cool place to hang out once he empties the whole drawer! He does this at least 3 times in an evening. Needless to say our house is hardly ever clean!


The Hale Family said...

These pics were great!!! I love Carter's hair. It's so curly! Ian is hilarious. I wish we were closer so we could play together!

Alynda said...

Oh what cute pics. I loved Carter's hair and the one of him in the stove if priceless. What happens to army guys when they are microwaved?

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