Monday, December 31, 2007

Lost Keys

I couldn't find my keys this morning. This is a normal occurence but I knew for some reason I wouldn't find them today. I said a quick prayer and knew that they weren't at our house. So I had the kids keep helping me look and Ian said that we should say a prayer. We knelt down and prayed and then continued to search. I heard Ian say to Addison "You have the Holy Ghost why don't you just ask him where the keys are!". It was awesome. I had a feeling to call my sister in law in Herriman and sure enough they were there. So I had to beg a ride to work. I felt so stupid! But I knew that I was being watched over. Steve will be able to bring my keys home and I will make me a spare copy or two!!


Alynda said...

Out pf the mouths of babes! Ian is right and aren't you glad that he saw that the Holy Ghost speaks?

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