Friday, February 15, 2008

Ian..isms...the laughs NEVER end

I swear I have one of the funniest kids in the world. I guess every parent feels like that because of the things that they say.

Here's how the conversation went tonight.
Addison: I want a bed like you guys. I want a twin bed.
Me: You do have a twin bed. We have a Queen bed. It's bigger. I want a king size bed though.
Ian: I want a bed like Trevor's (his friend). His bed is huge! It's bigger than mine. I think it's a King.
Me: Trevor doesn't have a king size bed. Those are huge. Someday I'll get you guys a bigger bed.
Ian: I still want one like his. He must have a Jack bed.

I wanted to burst out in laughter. Steve leaned over to me and said that his bed must have a spade right in the middle of it. I held my laughter as long as I could and then I really couldn't hold it anymore! It totally made my day.

Ian...the Canadian oops I mean Comedian. Ian once told me when he grew up he wanted to be a Canadian and stand on stage and tell jokes.


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