Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What happens in Tooele stays in Tooele...Las Vegas Here I Come!

Knowing my trip to Las Vegas is just a little over a week away is the only thing that is keeping my from going insane right now! I'm not sure why life gets so crazy for me but it does. Do you guys know that high school never ends? Bowling for Soup sings a song about that. It should be my motto. I thought that as I got to be an adult that the drama and stuff would end but it doesn't! I called my friend last night to ask if I was a drama magnet. I think I am! Somehow I'm always involved even if I really am not! Does that make any sense? Probably not but I need to vent. Oh well...I'm leaving Tooele behind that weekend and that is a GREAT thing. Here's the question? Why did we ever move here? We've had NOTHING but problems since moving here. Taylorsville is sounding better and better. Here's another do you forgive someone who's hurt you? I need some help and advice!


The Dinner Belle said...

That is a really hard thing to do and sometimes it just takes time for feelings to mellow out. If you are ready to forgive that is a step in the right direction. Try serving that person - that helps me.

Steve said...

As Tami's husband I would just like to add here that I had NOTHING to do with the aforementioned drama.

I love you, sweetie!

I now return you to your regularly-scheduled drama update.

The Hale Family said...

I am so sorry and you know I am in the same place you do you forgive someone who will clearly NOT appologize????

Tiffany said...

I am probably the least likely person to have advise on this because I seem to hold grudges. But I have to honestly say that trying to put yourself in their shoes and knowing that we all make mistakes and that loving those whom we think don't love us back makes us a better person and in return makes it easier to forgive. Try praying for those that we need to forgive and I believe that helps us in return ....Tami your are an amazing,forgiving person and I know that is why things seem to happen to you (Drama)Your amazing and I think you are a truley great person and friend!!!

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