Monday, July 21, 2008

Glad it's Monday

I have never been glad when the weekend was over until now. And it's all Ian's fault!! I love the kid to death but I'm ready to forget this weekend. On Saturday he brought out an unopened gallon jug of milk outside and asked if he could make chocolate milk. We said no and he took it back inside. Well...a couple seconds later he came out and told me that he spilled the milk on the floor. I was wondering how he did this because I hadn't even opened it yet! He decided it would be a good idea not to walk on the tile (that would've been too easy to clean up right?). For some reason he walked through the living room and dropped the entire gallon of milk on the carpet. It burst open and went everywhere! Just imagine trying to clean up a gallon of milk off carpet. It's wasn't fun.

Then...on Sunday, during primary, he went to go get a quick drink. After about 10 min Steve went looking for him. Steve found Ian and his friend in the bathroom playing in the sinks. We have reverse schedule so that started out our lovely Sunday. During the sacrament hymn I had heard enough of the whining and complaining about being at church and gave into his request to get a drink. They hymn had just started when he sat back down with a mouthful (cheeks expanded) of water. I told him to swallow it and he started choking. Yep! Choking!! He then proceeded to throw up the water and he kept coughing/choking. Then a flat, white mint shoots out of his mouth. I was ticked! I grabbed him by the arm and took him out to get some papertowels so we could clean up the "water". It was sooooo embarassing! A mother even came out to offer her help. I was NOT happy with him.

I made him sit and have a loooooonnnngggg time out when we got home.

Good times! NOT!


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