Thursday, July 3, 2008

Only at Walmart

One of the things that I hate about living in a smallish town is that we only have Walmart to shop at. I was there yesterday getting our oil changed. I decided to kill the time by walking around the store. Holy moly! Here's just a sampling of what I saw.

No bras - who does that? There was more than one woman who did this. There were a couple of men that needed one too but I won't go there. Oh wait, I just did!

A woman wearing a shirt that said "What team do you play for?". Well...based on her shirt I could tell what one SHE played for!

Then I decided to get a sandwich at Subway. Yes, I did brave the smell and yes, our Walmart does have one. There was the dorkiest high school couple in front of me. It was sickening. He was tickling her and everything! Sick.

Then...drum roll please...I saw a lady sitting at her table take out her teeth, lick them and put them back in. I almost burst out in laughter!

Only at Walmart, only at Walmart. Where's a Target when you need one?


nickh said...

Yes only at walmart!! Don't forget Sam's club, oh and the Mall. Oil change 40.00, new ear ring 25.00, pack of gum .99 cents, no bra, lady licking teeth PRICE LESS!!

Shafferprincess said...

Oh my gosh! Are you serious? It's amazing what some people feel comfortable doing in a public place. Only at Walmart.

Gunter of the Hill People said...

They say if you hang around certain types of people long enough you will begin to act like them, eventually.

Just a thought...

The Hale Family said...

Oh Walmart! I could sit in there and people watch all day long. I love Nick's comments! That seriously is nasty and priceless altogether. By the way, Addison is being such a HUGE helper and there is no TUDE what-so-ever! THanks for letting us keep her for the week!

Jwill said...

hey that was me at walmart without a bra? is that not okay?

you really need a friend with you at walmart for 1.moral support to get through the stinkin' store 2. as a witness "yes i saw it too" 3.its alway more fun to laugh with a bud.

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