Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the thriftiest one of all?

Steve and I FINALLY hung this mirror I bought months ago! Want to know how much I spent on it? $100? $80? $50? NOPE! I spent a whopping $20 on it. I was at the grocery store and they had them on sale for $20. How could I refuse that? I've always wanted a big mirror like this but I'm cheap, oops I mean thrifty and would never spend tons of money on a mirror. How do you think it looks? I LOVE it.


Alynda said...

I'm proud of you that you finally did it!! I LOVE it over the piano, nice pick.

Gunter of the Hill People said...

It does look great honey and don't worry my left hand will heal... eventually.

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