Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Men are animals!

I've been "observing" my boys lately and I've decided that men and boys are totally like animals! I don't mean that in a bad way at all! I think it's hilarious and I will try to write down weekly what I "observe".


Is it really necessary to scratch your back by using a door jam? I was getting ready for work and noticed Steve come to our door, casually "scratch" his back and then walk away like nothing had happened. I burst out in laughter. It has NEVER occured to me to use a door to scratch anything! I thought of a bear that goes and rubs against a tree and then goes about his business.

Then as I'm leaving for work Steve is telling me how pretty my eyes look and he's seriously growling and making scratching motions with his hands while telling me this. Um...ok! I laughed again and pointed out that he was acting like some sort of animal AGAIN. We laughed.

Also...why is it that when I watch Ian or Carter play I'm reminded of puppies? Am I right or what? Have you ever watched little boys play together? Yep! It's like puppies.


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