Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a weekend we've had so far! We got a dog. Yes, another dog. My good friend gave him to us! We've had so much fun with him. We drove into Salt Lake and went to the pet store to buy him some toys and other things. We spent a ton but he's so worth it. His name is Charlie. He's adorable and I've already fallen in love with him. He LOVES one of the toys we bought him and carries it everywhere. He also LOVES the backyard and walks! Thanks again Heidi!! He's in good hands!

We also went shopping at, where else, Target! I am in desperate need of fall/winter clothes because everything I had from last year is too big now. And I needed a cute shirt for the Warner family pictures. While I was in the dressing room Steve had fun with Carter trying on different hats. Isn't he so cute? Don't mind the ginormous wet spot on his shirt...he's getting his 2 year old molars.

This weekend has gone by waaayyy too fast! It's been awesome. Yesterday we went to Desert Start theater and saw "Scary Poppins" with Tiff and Jared. We liked it so much we decided to get 2009 seasons tickets with them. I can't wait! I told Steve he should be a writer for them. He's hilarious! If you don't believe it you'll have to see his latest entry on his blog about energy beer. Hilarious!! I love that guy. So we're closing the weekend with a bang. Oh I wish! I love going shooting. Actually we're closing it with FIRE!! We're headed up the canyon today with some friends for a weenie roast! Let the roasting begin. Steve, can we roast you?


Gunter of the Hill People said...

Do you mean "roast" in the comedic sense; as in making fun of me? If so, isn't that standard proceedure whenever I am around? And, do I have choice? If its the fire kind of roasting... let's not.

Aubrey Garff said...

that picture of Carter makes me want to cry. I miss him so much! We'll be in touch soon. Love you guys!

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