Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Steve's Latest Entry...

This is Steve's latest blog entry. I HAD to share it with you! It's hilarious. I remember before we were married that he would call me in the morning and ask me about a conversation that we'd had and I wouldn't be able to remember because I had actually been asleep! Here's his entry:

Once in a rare while I am treated to one of Tami's delightful, late-night, unconcious conversations. Last night was one of those great nights. She had gone to bed while I stayed up watching Monday Night Football, in hopes that Adrian Peterson would save my fanstasy team for the week. Once Peterson racked up his 32 yards on 21 carries, earning my team a whopping 3 points and thereby sealing a 2.9 point loss for my team I decided it was time for bed.

I went upstairs and began getting ready for bed. As I entered the bedroom I heard Tami mumbling something. I wasn't sure if she was awake or not so I chose to ignore it. Then she mumbled again. Now, I knew she was asleep, but I couldn't resist playing along. So, I asked "What was that, Hon?" Again she mumbled, but this time I was able to make out the letters "PTN" in her gibberish. So, I asked "What's PTN?" This time her voice was perfectly clear and a little bit irritated with me. "THE PTN, DID YOU DO IT!?" I still had no idea what a "PTN" is but I was very amused so I replied, "Um, yeah. I did." Question: Is it bad to lie to a sleeping person who isn't making sense?

Fearing that she might ask for details regarding my "PTN" I slipped out of the bedroom to take care of business in the bathroom. When I returned to the bedroom Tami again asked, "So you did the PTN?" I had no choice but to stick to my lie and replied, "Umm... yeah." Seeming pacified she lay still and silent. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask, "Honey, what's a PTN?" Tami's voice perked up as if very eager to tell me about the "PTN" and replied "Its a lot like the PTA - Parent Teacher Conference, but a little bit different." Question: Isn't PTA actually "Parent Teacher Association"? I said "okay" and seeming content with the outcome of our conversation Tami rolled over and began snoring.


Aubrey Garff said...

whatever your smokin', I want some! miss ya! Aubs

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