Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Carter was so stinkin cute as an elephant. He was so excited to go trick or treating.
Addison loved her costume and I was happy that I was able to find her the costume she wanted . Ian was a pirate. We had fun telling about Captain Kidd the real pirate we are related to.

Carter would NOT move when he saw this yard display. It was so cute. He didn't want to go get candy from this house. He just wanted to look. He was NOT happy when I had to pick him up to go to the next house.
Arrgggg! Uncle Mike is one scary pirate!

Cary came down in time to hang out with the boys and pass out candy. We had soooo much fun looking at funny t-shirts on the web. Good times!


Heidi said...

I love the elephant costume on Carter. He is so adorable. Thanks for letting me take your kids trick or treating with me & my girls. We had a blast.. I am glad they had fun.. Your an awesome mom Tami..

The Sutton Family said...

Your kids looked great Tami! I especially love Carter's Elephant costume. He looks adorable! We had a great Halloween, too. Grant dressed up as a Ballerina. HYSTERICAL! Take care! Love ya, Kerri

Gunter of the Hill People said...

Did that last pic of Cary and me NEED to get in there? Yes, we are nerds sitting around on Halloween, playing on our computers. Neeeerrrds!

Mike makes a very creepy pirate. Hmmmm...

It was a great Halloween weekend, though and the kids were mighty cute!

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