Monday, February 23, 2009

We're HOME!

We are home!! Hooray. Carter is doing so amazingly well. He is totally acting like himself. He was even playing karate with the balloons he got in the hospital. I've already had to change his bag since we got home and he didn't like that at all. I'm hoping he will get used to it. The surgeon said that since I'm an old "pro" we don't have to see him in a couple of weeks for a follow up. We'll see him in 3 months and he'll see if Carter's colon has shrunk enough to have his pull-through surgery. We'll be praying for that. I tried to order our ostomy supplies and hopefully that will go through ok. I think we might have to pay a deductible before we can have the insurance help pay for supplies. I hope not though.

There aren't enough words to say "thank you" for the emails, calls, visits, and packages that were sent! I truly appreciate them more than you can ever know. I love you all sooooo much. Please know that.


Shafferprincess said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're home and that Carter's doing well. I hope his colon shrinks in the three months inbetween dr's visits and you can get on with his healing! :)

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