Saturday, June 13, 2009

Are you kidding me?

I'm so tired of the messes that Carter is making. I know...I'll look back one day and laugh. That's why I grabbed my camera! These are just a couple of the messes he's made in the last couple of days.
Tonight he ran up to me with a bagel in his hand. He had stuck 2 "Hercules" hook in them and told us that he had "made a recipe." I looked at his clothes and wondered how he got so dirty then it clicked! He had gotten into the panty, grabbed my bottle of apple pie spice and gone to cook with his kitchen in his room. This is what I found.

Yesterday I had asked the kids to watch him so I could get a quick shower. Carter decided that he wanted to make pancakes...on the COUCH!!

Last but not least...I couldn't find Carter and when I found him this is what I saw. He had found a little bottle of baby soap and (I'm soooo lucky this happened outside) dumped the entire thing on the sidewalk and was rubbing it all over the side walk and him! Luckily this was an easy clean up!


Tiffany said...

Man he is so cute!! Just testing you I think to see if you will still love him even when he is making HUGE messes. Guess waht you still do so yes, your a great mom and he knows that no matter waht you love him even if he is the devil in sheeps clothing!!

Jen said...

What a stinker! It's a good thing he is cute!

Gunter of the Hill People said...

Personally, I would like to thank Carter for the Apple Pie Spice move. He now has the best smelling room in our house and every time I use the vacuum it smells great!

We should be grateful that he didn't grab the garlic powder.

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