Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Week In Review

This was a crazy, busy week! I watched two extra kiddies this week because my friend had to work. We had a lot of fun. I took them to the Discovery Museum one day and we had a blast. Here is Carter and his buddy dressed up like firefighters.

On Friday night our ward had the annual "Steak Fry" at a park in Copperton. Oh my gosh was it fun! I guess that this has been a yearly tradition for about 30 years. The activity was for adults only and they BBQed steak or chicken for everyone. There was a ton of food to choose from. We stuffed ourselves silly with the yummiest salads, desserts and meat you could imagine. We sat with some new friends and laughed sooooo hard! It was so much fun.
On Thursday I had my first PTA meeting. I am the secretary for our PTA this year. It's perfect for me! I am already so impressed with the co-presidents. They are very organized and I love how they run things. I am excited for this year.
We got callings today. Steve and I were called to be the 11 year old scout leaders for our ward. I am excited to be involved with scouting. It's something that I think is important for boys to participate in. The primary president thought that Ian was old enough to be in our troop but not for a couple more years. He'll be a Bear next month. I can't believe he's been in scouts for a year now! My how time flies.
Yesterday (wow I am jumping all over the place here) Steve, Mike and I went to IKEA to find me some shelves for my craft room. We left the kids at home, or so I thought. The boys had too much fun in IKEA. I did too! It was nice to get out of the house and laugh. That night we all met up with friends at Murray Park and had dinner and played football and frisbie. I hope the weather stays nice for a few more weeks so we can do that a few more times. Our ball and disk went in the "drink" a few times. Thank goodness the river wasn't flowing fast and we had sticks! Thanks for the fun guys!


Aubrey Garff said...

oh man, this makes me miss you guys! If the weather turns crappy there, come on down, it's just starting to get nice here!

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