Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's on My Mind

I have so much on my mind right now as we all do! But I do have to say that life is good! I have an amazing husband who I love so much! I would honestly be lost without him. Sure we have our issues but who doesn't. Trust me...if Steve and I can work things out and have a strong marriage...well I won't say then anyone can because that's just not true. It's takes two to want it to work and make it work. But you can trust me that if Steve and I can make it work it is very possible to have a good marriage. But it takes HARD work. I had to let go of lots of fears. But now that I have I can't imagine going through life without him by my side. We've both made HUGE changes in our lives for the better (further proof that if you really want to change you CAN).

WOW!! This is not where I imagined my post going when I sat down to write it. I am just very grateful for the good things in my life.

I'm not sure who reads this blog. I have certain people on my mind and I hope that maybe they will come accross this blog. I just want those that read to know that if there was anything you needed I would help in anyway I could. Seriously. Stranger, friend or family...I am here to help. Please let those that love you help you. This is what we are on earth for, to love and support and serve one another.

Also...I have decided to continue with my other blog. I think it's important so I will stick with it. I just posted on it. Click HERE for the link.


Gunter of the Hill People said...

Thank you sweetheart. I love you you, too and I am so very proud of the hard work and progress we have made - TOGETHER! I don't want to ever imagine life without you because life with you is absolutelty WONDERFUL! Thank you!

Shafferprincess said...

Tami - you're inspiring, and it gives me the desire to see my marriage improve, too. With all that has gone on in your life, you have such a positive, upbeat happiness about you, that I could really learn from. Thank you!

Alynda said...

What a great post! Thank you for the good reminder of the importance of good hard work - good work! I LOVED your comments on my blog about the boy who, according to you, was raised by wolves. I laughed out loud. Love you!!

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