Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Ian

Ian turned 9 yesterday! I can't believe it. It just seemed like yesterday that he was a newborn and we were dealing with all of the Hirschsprung's stuff. You'd never know now. I asked Ian what he wanted for a cake and he told me that he wanted these little cupcakes with cookie hamburgers on top like his cousin had one year. So here they are! I think that they turned out so cute. Steve's parents came over yesterday and they thought that they weren't real and that I had bought them at the store as a cupcake topper.
We had such a fun day yesterday. Ian wanted to go fishing so we took him to a little lake in Murray. Addison didn't go because she was at a friend's piano recital. We didn't catch anything but we found a new family fishing spot.
As is tradition in our family I asked Ian what he wanted for his b-day dinner. He told me that he wanted breakfast for dinner. He told me that he wanted sausage, eggs, bacon, and Eggos. I thought it was so cute. So that's what I made.
Then we had some good friends come over for cupcakes and ice cream.


Aubrey Garff said...

Happy birthday Ian! We miss you!

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