Monday, November 30, 2009

Future Pilot?

On Saturday Clif, Steve, Fred, Ian and Carter went up to Hill Air Force Base to the museum up there. They had so much fun. There was a kids area that both the boys got to play in. Usually it is for kids 8 and older but the volunteer just couldn't resist Carter! I think we really do have a future pilot in our family. Carter LOVES airplanes and always has. He was using the flight simulator and totally figured it out. They also have a little airplane that you have to control in the wind simulator. Steve said that Carter did a better job than Ian. He used both the controllers and totally flew that little airplane. The volunteer came up to Steve and said "you better send me a postcard when he gets his pilot's license". WOW!

Check out his lips! He's making airplane noises.

This is the flight simulator that he totally figured out better than Ian

Grandpa helping Ian

The boys and the "Capeller"

Ian and uncle Fred


Aubrey Garff said...

that is so awesome! I miss that little man so much, he's getting too big!

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