Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful A-Z

I saw this on my cute cousin's blog. Thanks for the inspiration Kerri. I really do love you so much!!

Tami's A-Z Thankful List

A - Addison. She is so sweet, caring and adorable. I love having her as my daughter. She's growing up so fast. My brother Aaron and my sister Adrienne. I miss them both so much. I can't wait to go visit Aaron in April!!
B - Babysitters. I love going out with Steve. We've grown so much since we've started to "date" on a regular basis thanks to my amazing home grown babysitter.
C - Our old dog Charlie. We all miss him so much. It's just not the same without him. Now I actually have to sweep up the crumbs on the kitchen floor. Carter is my little shadow. He replaces Charlie that way. My little baby is 3 now and is SUCH a Mama's boy.
D - Pizza Delivery. It's become a fun tradition to get pizza each week on the day Steve works late. Dinner with my cute little family. Each night we sit around the table and we each take turns telling each other our favorite parts of our day. Carter always starts immediately after we say the blessing on the food. He says "I'll start!". It's an awesome family tradition.
E - Good entertainment. Need I say more? Ok...I will! I love books, TV, movies, parties, AFV, Desert Start Theater, etc.
F - My good friends. They have loved me and supported me through some of the darkest times of my life. I love you guys.
G - Glee!! If you aren't watching the show you are missing out. It makes me happy each week! I love the music too.
H - My home. It might not be the nicest or the biggest house but it's a roof over our heads and it's fun to decorate. Plus I get to spend time here with my favorite people of all.
I - The internet. It keeps me connected to the people I love. I can look up all sorts of information that I need. I can shop on-line! I can read about the news of the day without gettin my fingers black from ink! Ian! Oh Ian. I might be frustraed with you sometimes but I love you. I love having a boy. It's been so fun to watch him grow up and just be a boy! In-N-Outis finally here in Utah.
J - All of the "Jen's" in my life. I love my sister Jen. I miss her. She never judges me and has loved me and supported me also during hard times. Thank you Jen! I'm thankful I get to perform with Jenny Phillips. It's been an amazing experience to travel around with the choir and sing. I am so lucky.
K - The Kusch side of the family. I am proud of my family. I love them so much. My kitchen where I get to make delicious food for my family and friends.
L - Renew lotion. That might seem silly to some but it's the most amazing lotion in the world. I stock up every time I go to Rexburg.
M - My Mom. I love that she and I are friends. She and I have grown so close over this last year. I love her so much. She really is one of the best friends I have.
N - Nature. I have really come to appreciate all the things that Utah has to offer this way. We really do live in a beautiful state.
O - The office Steve works for. Talk about an amazing place to work. They goof around and have so much fun but still work very hard.
P - My piano. There's nothing better on a stressful day than sitting down at my piano and pounding out a tune or two!
Q - Peace and quiet. As a mom you learn to appreciate the very few times that the house is actually quiet.
R - Reading good books and magazines. I love them both. I'm always reading something.
S - Steve! He is a good husband. I am a lucky girl. He tries hard and I appreciate that so much.
T - Cute T-Shirts. I really do love them. There's just something about putting something cute on. I also love Herbal Tea. Celestial Seaonings stays in business because of me! I have a cup or two or three every day!
U - Who doesn't love a man in uniform? He, he, he...
V - Valentine's Day. I used to be a hater now I'm a lover! I love this holiday. I am thankful now that there is a day set aside to show love to those around us.
W - The Warner family. They are fun to hang out with and I love that they live so close. I'm also thankful for Weight Watchers. I am glad that there is something that really works out there.
X - Um...I've got nothing for this one!
Y - My yearly pass to Discovery Gateway.
Z - Catching some zzzzzzsssss. I love to sleep!

So there you have it. What are you thakful for?


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