Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Uff Da!

I went to get my nails done tonight and the place was closed! Traffic was terrible and I decided to brave the freeway. Believe it or not it was moving better than the surface streets. Anyways...I really wanted to get my nails done so I started to think of places to go. I had a feeling to take the next exit so I did. As I was waiting at the light I noticed that the car ahead of me had a unique license plate holder. Printed on it was a Norwegian flag and a saying "Uff Da". I have NEVER seen or heard anyone else use this phrase except my grandparents. It was as if my cute Grami was saying hi. It made me happy to see that.

Her funeral was really great actually. We have such a fun family. It was so fun to have all of the cousins together again. It's been too long. But what's cool about our family is that it was as if time hadn't passed. We laughed and cried. But we laughed the most. We are loud and obnoxious sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way. We celebrated her life in a way that would make my Grami proud.

I miss her very much. It's been a draining couple of weeks. But she gave us the best Christmas present ever. We all got to be together even if was only for 2 days. I love you guys!


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How neat! My family gets loud, too (5 siblings and all of us with kids), but it's fun even if it is chaotic!

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

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