Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Joys" of HD

My baby goes in for more surgery tomorrow. This Hirschsprung's thing is kicking his butt, literally! He's had 3 major operations in the last year. He had Botox injections in December and now he has to have a sphincterotomy. I won't bother explaining what that is. Use your imagination or google it! Do you know what the worst part of this is? I don't know what to expect. I don't know anyone else in the world that has had to have one. How bad will it hurt? Will the "skidding" stop? Feeling alone and afraid is not a fun feeling to have? Or is it just me? Just kidding!

I prayed tonight. I prayed for faith and strength to make it through this and the other challenges that I have going on right now. I am filled with hope and peace. I love that I can give my troubles, my bad thoughts, my worries over to Christ and He will make up for those. So as I enter the unknown tomorrow I am filled with happiness and relief. I am so happy that this is out patient! I really didn't want another 10 day hospital stay thank you very much.

Sometimes when I am going through difficult times the only way to get through them is to turn to Heavenly Father. And even if you think there is nothing to be positive about He will show you. There is always something good to see in life. ALWAYS!!

So for right now I am thankful I get to take him home. I am grateful that we are going to a new hospital closer to our house. I am grateful that he's one of the first surgeries of the day.

I'll let you know how it goes! Until then...keep the faith and find the good!


Shafferprincess said...

Good luck, Tami! You guys be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

Sam said...

I'm so glad it went okay and that he was such a brave little soldier!!

jwill said...

Hi friend. I've read several of your posts relating to HD and just wanted to say, "Hang in there!" I have several friends whose children have gone or are going through the same procedures your son is. I have a son who does not have HD but has some similar issues. I'm so sick of dirty undies in the tub and the constant worry of "Did I bring extra..... with me?" What a pain in the toosh!...and the jokes are endless...and you have to laugh about some of it or you'd go crazy! Thinking of ya! Good Luck!

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