Friday, April 23, 2010

I just got back from a trip to Minnesota. I got to see my brother, sister in-law and their 2 cute girls! It was a blast! I was introduced to "folf". We went and played a round and I am hooked. I need to go buy me some special Frisbees now. On Saturday Morning they took me to a local breakfast joint. Check out the size of these pancakes. They hung OVER the edge of the plate. I didn't even know where to begin eating them. So I shared them with Zoe and Aaron.

After breakfast we went and hit a bucket of balls. Aaron and I used to go to the driving range all the time when we lived in California. It brought back some fun memories. Even an embarrassing one...let's just say I reminded Aaron to put the bucket down before getting the balls!

Aaron and I went downtown Minneapolis and went to Target Field. It was a perfect day for a game. We didn't have tickets (still feel badly about that one...sorry Aaron!) so we hung out in the plaza. It was really cool to be right there and just have a small taste of a pro baseball game. Isn't my brother a handsome guy?

This is a big joke in our family. We don't want to look like "fools"!
I am now officially a Twins AND Vikings fan. I should have bought this. I looked so good in it!My cute little niece Quinn. Zoe refused to take a picture with me! Hmmm...
Thanks you guys for being such great hosts! I had a blast and I can't wait to come back out and see you guys! Love you!


Sam said...

Looks like you had a great time! Yeah for brothers!! :)

Alynda said...

Loved, loved, loved the pictures. That pancake place is amazing, we loved it too. What a great time!

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