Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday...The Sacred Grove

Ok...These pictures are in the WRONG order. So I guess I'll just work my way backwards. After we visited the Hill Cumorah we went to a member's house for a BBQ. Their home was beautiful. There are no fences in their neighborhood. I loved that. We were well fed that night. During dinner I spotted a deer running though the back yard. Taking off our shoes was such a huge relief

We hiked to the top of the Hill Cumorah. The view from the top was spectacular. We had a testimony meeting at the top of the hill. It was such a spiritual experience.

President Hinckley said that The Sacred Grove is the 2nd most important place on earth. This is where a 14 year old boy prayed to the Lord and saw the Lord and Jesus Christ. I know that it's true. The Holy Ghost has told me that it's true. I know that anyone can learn for themselves. We met as a group at the entrance of the grove and sang all 4 verses of Joseph Smith's First Prayer. There is NOTHING like singing that song with a group of people that can really sing. The Spirit was so strong. The Grove was so peaceful and my testimony of Joseph Smith grew leaps and bounds. I am so grateful for my testimony. I haven't always had one. And I'm proof that if you pray, with real intent, the Lord WILL tell you that it's true.

Sitting with little Gracie
Before we went into the grove we toured the Smith family farm. Like I said, these pictures are NOT in order. Here we are looking at the tool shed. Joseph moved the Golden Plates here after he felt they were in danger. He hid them in a barrel and then moved them to a higher shelf. The Lord told him that if he did everything in his power to keep them safe then Heavenly Father would protect them. The mob came and searched this shed. They only found the empty box. Little did they know that the plates were inches above their heads.
The Smith Family Home
Hmmm...I wonder what item in this picture isn't period?
The used these as bee hives

This is the actual hearth and bricks that Joseph hid the plates under

There were 3 beds upstairs. Three boys slept to one bed. This is where the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith 3 times in one night. I don't know how others slept through that.


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