Friday, August 6, 2010

Five on Friday

I'm starting a new little series...Five on Friday. It's the top five and bottom five things of the week!

Top Five

1. I found out I made the top 10 in the recording contest with Jenny Phillips. I get to record on her next CD in the choir.

2. Going Letterboxing in a massive thunderstorm. I LOVE a good thunderstorm. The thunder and lightening were so close that we had to abandon one of the boxes we were looking for but that was ok.

3. Losing 6.2 pounds! No fads, no pills (except a daily multi-vitamin). I started eating WELL. Check out my other blog for more info.

4. I started clearing out my craft room. It had become my dumping ground. I have a TON O stuff going to DI.

5. Buying school supplies. I love this time of year. I love how excited the kids get. I remember that I LOVED getting new school supplies growing up. I still love it. I have to admit a lot of those supplies were for me!

Bottom 5

1. Going swimming at our local city pool. We had fun swimming but I have to put it in the bottom because of the lifeguards and a couple of the moms. I saw a lifeguard on duty reading, one listening to her iPod and eating a snow cone. Then I found two little girls (around 2 years old) left to swim by themselves. One mom was sunbathing and the other was in the deep end with her other kids. One of the little girls who had had a lifejacket on was sent back to swim without it. I was complaining to the lifeguard when this little girl went into deeper water and I jumped in to get her. The lifeguard just stood there. Terrible.

2. Sitting on the floor and smelling pee. I smelled the carpet and found the spot that Carter had wet his pants earlier that day. YUCK. Thank goodness we own a carpet cleaner.

3. Poopy pants. Are you seeing a trend here? I'm not sure if it's fear or my little guys motility issues. I just want him to poop in the toilet. He's 4 for goodness sake. We are still working with his pediatric GI doc.

4. Swamp cooler. Need I say more? I want central air!

5. The weeds overtaking our poor garden. We just don't have the time or energy. I have a feeling the garden is going to be scaled WAY back next year.


Lesia said...

Love the choices you chose to put on the top and bottom 5. I am SO excited you are losing the weight. HURRAY FOR US!!

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