Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BOO Wreath

Here's a SUPER easy craft to make for Halloween.

You will need a wreath (look at the dollar store), black burlap, wood letters, purple paint, purple glitter, modge podge, and scissors I cut the burlap into 2 inch strips. I measured around my wreath to determine the length of each piece and then cut away. Take a strip and knot it around the wreath.
Make sure that you push the knots together tightly so the wreath doesn't show through. I bought the letters at Joann's Craft Store. I painted them purple. Then I covered the letter in modge podge and then sprinkled them with the purple glitter. I missed some spots but decided not to "fix" it. It is Halloween and are things perfect? No they are scary, and creepy. Ok...I know that's a stretch but I didn't mind the way it looked. Pretty cute, huh?


Sam said...

SOO Cute!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Good one! My son will love making this!

Shafferprincess said...

Love this! I think something like this will be hanging on my door soon!

And, someday, you need to come up and teach me how to thrift store shop. I see things, but have no idea how to "turn them into" something cool.

And, your topiary looks awesome, too! Good job.

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