Friday, September 10, 2010

Five on Friday

Oh my gosh! What a week!

Top 5

1. PETER CETERA CONCERT - I've always LOVED him. In fact growing up it was a dream of mine to sing a duet with him. And if adults were granted a dying wish that's what it would be. So I sang along with him at his concert tonight. Definately a close second. I'm still on cloud nine!

2. Crafts. More specifically Halloween crafts. I have some things to share with you! I can't wait to post what I've been up too.

3. DI aka the thrift store. I scored BIG TIME this week. Luckily I have a VERY loving husband who is very patient with all of my "projects."

4. Jenny Phillips' recording session. I recorded for the first time on a CD that is going to sold at Deseret Book. Because I made the top 10 for the singing competition I was able to sing in the choir on the CD. It was an amazing experience. The CD should be available sometime in the next couple of months. Hmmm...I sense a give a way coming soon! I also get to record again next week. I'm singing a duet (sort of) and I'll get to sing in the choir again!

5. Labor Day Weenie Roast. See the post below. It was a BLAST. I saw those huge marshmallows at the store today and dry heaved. I think it will be a while before I play "chubby bunny" again.

BOTTOM five BOO...

1. I had to meet with the principal about some bullying issues with my daughter. I am NOT impressed at how it's being handled. You should never force kids to be "friends." My kids don't have to be friends with anyone they don't want to. They do, however, need to be respectful and kind.

2. We all got sick this week. It's been a miserable week at the Warner house.

3. Carter missed his first 2 days of pre-school. I have no pictures. I'll just have to take some on Monday. So sad.

4. I got carried away at the salad bar today and my salad ended up being $12 stinkin dollars. I'm so NOT kidding and it wasn't even that much that I put into my container. Lesson learned...use the small container next time.

5. My house is a WRECK. I'm serious. I should take pictures as evidence. I only have one week to get it back in tip top shape before my surgery. Uggg...Time to get EVERYONE's help. Who's in? I'm actually getting pretty nervous. I hope that I can get it all done. I have meals to prepare, clothes to get organized, etc.


Lesia said...

Missed you at water aerobics too:-( Get better so you can go with me next week.

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