Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Slacking!

Remember how I was going to start the 5 on Friday lists?  I have been slacking  forgetting.  I'll lay in bed and around 11:30 on Friday night I'll remember and then I'll think to myself that I better get up and do it and then I'll fall fast asleep. 

So here's the latest, greatest and not so greatest.

Top 5 (for the last couple of weeks)

1.  I am an aunt again.  My baby brother and his wife had baby #3.  They named her Avery Mae.  How cute is THAT? 

2.  We went with some friends to see Jim Gaffigan in Wendover, NV. Wendover itself is a DIVE.  I have NO idea why people even desire to make the 90 min drive from Salt Lake to go there and actually stay.  We saw the show (which was HILARIOUS) and then high-tailed it out of there.  We drove back to Salt Lake for dinner.

3.  I recorded again on a Jenny Phillips' CD.  God works in mysterious ways and instead of singing back up on a song I was able to sing the lead.  It was an amazing experience.

4.  My 4 year old started a "tiny tigers" karate class.  It's the cutest thing EVER!

5.  A good friend of mine let me borrow her wheelchair to help me get around.  Steve took us to the mall yesterday and I had a little shopping spree at Sephora!  Oh yea!  I'm one happy Momma!

Bottom 5

1.  Ok...I won't lie having both feet worked on at the SAME time is insane.  I've spent the majority of this week in my bed.  I thought it would be nice and relaxing but I was bored to tears this week.  It's very hard for me to give up my independence and have to rely on others.  Humble pie tastes nasty!  But the meals being brought in are delicious!

2.  My 9 year old's pottery class was cancelled because they didn't have enough kids sign up for it.  He was so looking forward to it.  And this Mom felt terrible for having to break the news to him.  But he was happy when I told him that we'd give him the class fee to go spend as he pleased.

3.  I've only had 2 showers this week.  I know...gross.  But I can't get the foot bandages wet at all.  Last night we tried something different to keep them dry but it didn't work.  Luckily I had the bandages I needed to change them. 

4.  I am in charge of putting the Ward Newsletter together each month.  It contains info for our church and calendar items, etc.  I love it but I don't love the program I use.  I almost threw my computer across the room last night trying to get the margins the right size.  Every time I tried, my computer would freeze up.  I don't know if it's the program or the computer.  So the ward newsletter went out today with ONE inch margins.  Oh...did I mention I'm a perfectionist?  And I think it looks terrible.

5.  Tantrums and fighting.  I'm SICK to death of my kids fighting.  I'm tired of the whiny, cry baby attitudes and this week was a really BAD week for all of us.  You win some, you lose some, right?


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