Friday, October 1, 2010

5 on Friday

Top 5 for the week

1.  I colored my hair back to DARK brown.  I figured that since it's fall the summer highlights had to go.
2.  My 4 year old made me a bed on the couch with his pillows and blankets so I could rest.
3.  The dinners being brought in by members of our church have been AMAZING.  I appreciate them so much. 
4.  I won a blogging competition and I get the prize tonight!  It's dinner at the Melting Pot with Jenny Phillips and her husband.  It's a double date and I'm so excited.
5.  Jenny sent me the final version of the song I recorded for her upcoming CD and it's amazing.  I'm so excited about it. 
6.  I know...but I had to add this too.  We booked our air line tickets to Juno.  We are going to a fishing lodge next year to fish!

Bottom 5

1.  I totally over did it this week with my feet.  I tried to go make copies at the school and I only lasted 30 minutes.
2.  My house is a disaster.
3.  I thought I'd be further along in my feet recovery. 
4.  I don't get my stitches out for another 2 weeks.
5.  I desperately need to shave my legs and can't!  ;(


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