Friday, October 29, 2010

Five on Friday

I swear the weeks are passing by faster and faster. So without further ado here are the top and bottom 5 for the week.

Top 5

1. We are going to see the witches today at Gardner Village. I absolutely LOVE that place. I'll post pictures as soon as we get back.

2. I got to see some of my very favorite people in the world on Sunday night. We had a performance in West Valley City. I seriously LOVE singing with these people.

3. I got the official CDs of Sabbath Morning. It was amazing to see my little ole name on the credits. It was a life-long dream come true and I'm still pinching myself. Seriously one of the top highlights for the week.

4. It snowed here this week. I love the snow. I loved driving the kids to school that morning and seeing everything covered in white. There's just something so peaceful about that. It really brings happiness to my soul.

5. My brother in law and my nephew came down to Utah for a doctor's appt. They spent the night at our house. I love them both so much. It was so nice to visit with Nick and play with Ellis. He was so excited to come to aunt Tami's house. Ahh...cute little guy!

Bottom 5

1. I feel a cold coming on. I HATE being sick. Who doesn't, right?

2. I was an emotional wreck this week. I think we all have days and weeks like this. I'm burned out and need to re-charge my batteries.

3. I went to make waffles this morning and wondered what the burning smell was. I lifted the lid to the waffle maker and discovered that my daughter had left crud on it and it was totally burning. There's so much on there I think I just need to throw it away and buy a new one. So then I decided to make pancakes with the batter and I burned those. All while drinking my spinach smoothie. What a way to start out the day!

4. I still haven't heard from the insurance company from the fender bender we had 3 weeks ago. Seriously? What kind of crappy insurance does this guy have?

5. I hate Halloween drama. As my kids get older, it gets harder to find a costume that they really want (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg). We spent WAY too much money on costumes this year and all I heard was complaints. I ended up taking away trick or treating at my husband's work today because of the fighting and the drama.

Whoa...what a week. How was your week?


Lesia said...

glad someone likes the snow. I HATE IT!

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