Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sabbath Morning CD

This CD is available to download now!  You can also pre-order it HERE.  My cute mom ordered 20 copies to give out to neighbors, friends and family for Christmas gifts.  You can bulk order them for only $3 each when you order 10 or more.  Oh yea...did I mention that I have a solo on the CD?  I do!  I crossed off number 6 on my life list.

Sabbath Morning is designed to help prepare your heart and mind to take the sacrament. This collection of reverent and beautiful favorite soloists arrangements of hymns is performed by Jenny Phillips, some of her ,and her award-winning Choir. Fill your home with powerful and peaceful music on the Sabbath morning.

As soon as I get the CD in my hot little hands I will do a giveaway!


Lesia said...

Oh heck yeah I will be giving them out as my neighborhood gifts too. Thanks I will be buying 30 of them...LOL

Dawn said...

You have won the giveaway on my blog for the Potato Flyers. Please contact me dawnr1101 at gmail dot com

Steve Lamb said...

Guess who got me a copy of this... ME! You are awesome! I am telling all my friends to buy it because I know you! Did I mention you are awesome?

Sandi Stillings said...

Tami - When Steve posted his delight at this CD with his wife on it....I clicked the link & listened! WOW!! No wonder. YOU have an amazing voice! I am already a 'fan' of Jenni's & am registered on her site & have been for years. I had NO idea you were on her CD's!! Small world. My car CD player is exactly this. Music to lift my soul! Congratulations!

Heidi said...

downloaded the whole cd the day it came out & LOVE IT!!!! My favorite song on it is "Abide with Me" The singer for that song is AMAZING... She makes the words of that song become personal... Help building my faith!

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