Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's in My Purse??

I have a favorite blog that I follow. And she does a weekly series about what's in your purse. She has her followers send in pictures of what's in their purses and then puts them up on her blog. It's fascinating. I just submitted my pictures to her. So you want to see what is in this girl's purse? I'll show you.

Let's be's a pain in the tushy to swich purses every day, week or whatever.  I LOVE to change purses.  Just ask my husband.  I think he's sick of finding old purses all over in the closets.  So this Miche bag is perfect for me.  When I need a purse to match an outfit or I get bored I just have to switch out the cover of the purse.  No shifting contents required.  It's great!

Here are the contents:
My Coach Sunglasses
A cute holder for my frequent "shopper" cards
Pens and a pencil
iphone with my custom's a picture of my hubby and I on our cruise
Hand sanitizer
A mirror from Paris
Nail Clippers
Breath Savers Mints
Bubble Gum
Mint Gum
Spearmint Gum - I love gum and mints, can you tell?
Sephora Lip Gloss
Revelon Lip Stain
Sugar Lip Treatment
Josie Maran Lip Gloss 
Glasses wipes
Hand Sanitizer Wipes
And last, but not least, my purse organizer...LOVE it
Did you notice the other shell in the picture?  Cute, huh?


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