Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Memory Lane - How To Preserve a Husband

I have been looking for my jewelry box that I used when I was a teenager.  It has all of my Young Women medallions in it and I really want to find it.  I looked through my cedar chest today and through some old boxes.  I didn't find my jewelry box but I did have a wonderful time walking down memory lane.  I can't wait to figure out how to use our scanner so I can scan some pictures and post them.  There are some GREAT ones I found.  I save everything.  Or I should say I used to save everything and I'm so happy I did.  One day I will get it all organized.  One of my favorite things I found today were letters from my Grandma.  She used to call every week and we'd write letters back and forth to each other.  I saved them all (or at least the majority of them).  I even have saved letters written from friends from back in junior high.  

I started reading the letters from my grandma and I just HAD to share one she wrote to me.  There isn't a date on the letter but based on what she says in it I know I'm 19 or 20.  

Dear Tami, 

Another hot Sunday afternoon.  I'll be glad when winter comes.  It was good to talk to you last week.  You sounded so excited and I'm sure you are.  Your letter came yesterday and that made my day special.
Would you believe I haven't gotten to the dentist yet?  I'm having fun with my new typewriter, but I'm glad there is a way to correct mistakes.  I found this little though and though you might get a kick out of it.  

(Here's the part I REALLY wanted to share with you all!!)

How to preserve a husand

Be careful with your selection, do not choose too young nor yet too old, and take only such as have been raised in a good moral atmosphere.  Some insist on keeping them in a pickle, while others keep them in hot water.  This only makes them sour, hard and sometimes bitter.  Even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender and good by garnishing them with patience, with smiles, and flavoring with kisses to taste.  Then wrap them in a mantle of charity, keep them warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion and serve with peaches and cream.  When thus prepared they will keep for year.

I thought you might like that.  I guess this is it for now.  Keep smiling and remember that I love you a lot.

How cute is that?  I miss her dearly.  I wish she was still here that I could still get those weekly calls and letters.  Thanks Grandma for loving me so much to call and write to me.  I will ALWAYS treasure my letters from her. 


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