Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Week In Review

I love looking back at my week and coming up with my top and bottom 5 of the week.

Top 5:

1. Two of my kids performed in a production of the Nutcracker. It was a grueling week of dress rehearsals and performances but it really was worth it.

2. Costco warranties rule. I just have to put that on the record. We bought a 46 inch HD tv almost 2 years ago from Costco. The panel went kapoot and so Costco honored their 2 year extended warranty and gave us a brand new TV! And the new warranty on it starts all over again. I was so relieved. It's a much better TV than we had originally too. SCORE!

3. My Amish nativity set came! I think I bought the last available one in the country. I'm not exaggerating either. I called a store in Las Vegas and had it shipped to me. It's so dang cute!

4. It rained, not snowed this week. I love a good rain storm. It reminds me of home (the Bay Area). I used to love coming home from work, changing into jammies and curling up on my couch and watching TV.

5. Last night my daughter performed last night at the Dickens Festival. It was a lot of fun. There were people dressed in period costumes. It was fun looking at all of the booths too. My 11 year old wanted a turkey leg for dinner! We shared it and it was really good!

Bottom 5

1. When I opened my Amish nativity set it was missing the angel. So sad! I called the company in Las Vegas and they will send me the angel when they get them in. There were several that were missing the angels.

2. One thing you must know about Nutcracker week it's a rough week to get through. The dress rehearsals are about 5 hours each then the actual performances are over 3 hours. We decided to leave after my 4 year old's dance but when we went to leave we couldn't find my 11 and her friend. We searched the entire high school but we still couldn't find them. My 4 year old started to cry because he thought we lost her. Well they had found an open door and went "exploring." The janitor closed the door and they ended up locked in. Luckily they found another open door and found their way back. And on the final night of the performance I forgot clothes for my kids to change into. They were supposed to leave their costumes there. Oops!

3. So my husband and I went to the store today to get our prescriptions and bar soap because we are totally out. OK, not totally. We've got the bars in the showers now and that's all. So what did we forget to buy? Soap! At least those bars will last until Monday. I hate it when that happens.

4. Everyone was beyond tired this week. And the kids fighting with each other almost sent me over the edge. So what did I do to punish them? I worked their booties off!

5. I bought a bunch of bananas a week or so ago and they had major fruit fly thingies on them. I can't get rid of these little suckers to save my life. I thought that produce came bug free these days. I guess I was wrong.


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