Friday, January 7, 2011

5 on Friday

Holy Moly, what a week it has been!  Here's the lowdown!

Top 5

1.  There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING better than a pork Cafe Rio salad.  OK, getting it for free is better!  I LOVE getting my "free meal."  I have a killer recipe for the salad too.  I think I need to post that!

2.  We planned the entire year of Young Women activities.  Ahhh, what a GREAT feeling!

3.  My favorite shows are finally showing new episodes.  I couldn't sleep last night and so I sat down and watched The Mentalist.  And guess who I dreamed about last night?  Yep, those yummy cops on the show.  It was fantastic.  I have the best, vivid dreams.  Even Madonna was in this one.

4.  I am in love with the most wonderful man on the earth!  I fell in love with him all over again this week.  I really appreciate what I have.

5.  We are going through some financial "stress" right now.  Why is this on the top?  It's NOT because of the stress it's because of what I found on my bed the other night.  My daughter had overheard me crying about it.  That night I found her piggy bank and a note.  She told me that she had heard me crying and hoped that the little bit in her piggy bank would help and that she "wouldn't take no for an answer."  I started sobbing and brought it down to her room.  It think she thought she was in trouble or something, the look on her face was hilarious.  She was so confused why I was crying.  I told her how much it meant to me and how much I loved her.  I set the piggy bank back on her shelf.  She came up the next morning upset that I had left the money in the bank!  I love her!

Bottom 5

1.  Financial "stress."  Need I say more?

2.  My "w" on my keyboard is not working very well.  It's a pain to realize that and then have to go all the way back and fix it.  But as I typed this the button totally worked.  Go figure.

3.  It will be another week or so before we know for sure if we are moving.  Yes, you read that right.  We thought we'd have an official answer this week but it still has to be approved by corporate.  I really wanted to know for sure!

4.  My 10 year old's progress report came home yesterday.  Because of how bad it was he has lost some pretty big privileges like Jr. Jazz and his ski trip next week.  Actually those are only on "hold" until he catches up on his missing work and brings those grades up.  Those A- are unacceptable!  Just kidding.  It's the F's that I'm worried about!

5.  I HATE inversions here in Utah.  The air is ICKY, ICKY, ICKY!  It hurts to breathe.  The pollution gets trapped in the Salt Lake Valley and you can hardly see across the street!  YUCK!

How was your week??


Ana said...

Oh my gosh, the inversion is the #2 reason we moved to Heber. The smoggy winters just kill me. Blue skies today up here!

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