Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Awesome App

I have to say that this app that I'm about to tell you about is my all time favorite app EVER (and I'm not getting paid or anything like that for this post).  The app is only $.99.  It's called Shake It Photo.  I love the look that this app gives to my pictures.  I only take pictures from my phone with this app.  It's truly like a Polaroid picture.  You snap your picture and then shake the phone and the picture develops right before your eyes.  I love the slightly vintage look that the pictures have.  I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago at a mexican restaurant that we took our kids too.  

Seriously, you have GOT to get this app.  It's worth every single 99 pennies you will spend.  The app also allows you to upload your pictures directly to facebook.  You can email them too straight from your iphone.


Steve Lamb said...

These pictures are awesome! I even really like the green background. You should do a family photo there, for real!

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