Friday, April 1, 2011

I Confess...

I love Friday's!  I love my 5 on Friday list and I love confessing!

This week I confess...

I am an anal person.

When I shop for new books and magazines I can't buy the front copy.  You know, the one that everyone has looked at and handled?  

I will grab a copy from the back and make sure there are no fingerprints or creases.  I make sure that the book is a little hard to open.  I want to be the first to open that book and crease that spine!  Oh and if there's only one copy of the book or magazine I won't buy it.

I Confess...

I am anal when it comes to folding socks.  First of all I have to say that I LOVE folding socks.  I could do it for hours.  I'll come fold your socks if you want me to!  I'm serious.  

I have to lay out all the socks first.  Actually, I lay out all of my 4 year old's socks.  I have to match them up dinginess to dinginess.  I can not match a white one to a dingy one.  Make sense?  He loves to play outside and sometimes goes out without shoes.  I can never get those socks perfectly white!

I Confess...

I'm thinking of cutting my hair really short again like this.  What do you think?

Why?  Because I have tons of cute earrings and I don't wear them because of the hair style I have now.

I LOVE my hair right now though!  It's the hairstyle I've wanted for a very long time.  

What to do??

I Confess...

I HATE being hot.  

When I clean the house I turn the heat off (I tend to sweat like a pig).  

I forgot to turn it back one night this week.  

Oops!  We woke up to a house that was 53 degrees.  Burrrr....

I Confess...

I started writing this post earlier this week.

I've changed my mind about the hair cut.

I've decided to grow it out and donate it to Locks of Love.

I'm serious!

I've ALWAYS wanted to do this. 

This is not going to be easy for me.  I'm not a patient person.  But at least I can color it along the way. 

I told my sister last night that when I'm tempted to cut it all off I will call her and she has to tell me NO!!

I will just tuck my hair back to show off my crazy earrings!

I Confess...

I'm totally re-vamping my bucket list.

Stay tuned...


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