Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 on Friday or Sunday?

What can I say?  Life has been hectic here at the Warner house this last week.  I'm so tired I can barely see straight.  Even my bones are tired.  I'm looking forward to summer so we can sleep as much and as late as we want.  It really is a lazy summer at our house!  I love it.  So without further ado...

Top 5 or 6 or 7 of the week...

1.  After some drama over girl's camp I found a new place to camp!  I was prompted to find somewhere else to hold camp I think because of the weather and the threat of floods.  I was scared that we wouldn't find something suitable because we only have about 3 weeks until camp.  I had faith that God would help me and He did!  I found an amazing place about 3 hours away.  It's a campground tucked up into this little canyon.  We will be camping right along the creek and there will even be horseback riding!  I know this is the place we need to be!  

2.  Did you see my last post?  Last Saturday we went shopping at several garage sales.  I scored BIG TIME!  I was able to start re-decorating my living room.  I also bought a huge haunted house set up.  You know those little Christmas villages some put out at Christmas time?  I've always wanted a Halloween village.  And now I do!  It even came with a guy in an electric chair!  Do you think it's tacky if I start decorating for Halloween now?  Yea, I thought so too.

3.  We gave our 4 year old Pop Rocks for the very first time.  He actually liked them!  Who knew?

4.  Last Saturday the hubs took my boys shooting.  So my daughter and I had a girls' day.  We saw the movie "Soul Surfer."  Have you seen that yet?  It is truly an inspiring movie.  It was seriously so good!  I downloaded the soundtrack and that's all I've been listening to!  It brings back memories of my beach days.  Oh how I miss the beach!  You really must go see this movie.  I can't wait to have a movie night with the YW.  

5.  I'm giving you all permission to laugh at me...I have an obsession with gnomes.  I think most are super ugly and cheesy but I've found the cutest gnomes lately!  I never knew how someone could obsess about something as silly as a gnome.  I totally get it now.  What the heck is wrong with me???  

6.  Yesterday the hubs went fishing with his friend.  I totally took advantage of "kid time."  We made Whoopie Pies and made bird feeders with the pine cones that are so generously falling off of our pine tree in the front yard.  It was so much fun!  I also gave them a roll of butcher paper and had them paint on it on the back patio.  They loved it!  

7.  I had lunch yesterday with my one of my very, very best and favorite person in the world!  I'm so glad that she's back in my life.  We had so much to catch up on.  I love you Tiff! 

Now for the bottom 5...

1.  I got 4, yes 4 fillings filled this week.  They were all under old fillings.  Nice.  Luckily I really LOVE my dentist and the nitrous!  For some reason he couldn't get my left side numb.  So after about 50 extra shots it finally got numb!  I hate the dentist.  I hate the dentist.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the dentist?  But I really do love Dr. Walker.  He really set me at ease and he got his nitrous line fixed just for me!  

2.  My 10 year old sprained his ankle this Wed.  He was playing at his friend's house and while running after a ball he twisted it.  I took him to Urgent Care where they gave him a brace and sent us on our way.  

3.  Being the Mom is the hardest job I've EVER had!  I hate having to follow through with consequences.  I hope one day my kids will understand.  I love the Love & Logic concepts.  For every action there is a consequence; good or bad.  One of my kids lost out on something big because of a choice they made.  And honestly, it broke my heart.  I wanted to cry for them because they were so sad.  But I had told them that if X didn't happen Y would. hard!!

4.  I really hate seeing people make stupid, stupid choices.  You know the kinds of choices that will totally screw up their lives?  Yea, those.  Just say NO!

5.  We've decided not to continue with our ghost hunting adventures.  It was not at all like the class description said.  I assumed that we'd just be visiting some supposedly haunted places, get scared and have some fun tales to tell.  Oh no!  He warned us on the first night of class that spirits can actually come home with you.  And he advised us to say this special prayer before entering  and exiting a building.  We were supposed to bring our cameras and recording devices to get EVPs and pictures.  WHAT??  Both the hubs and I just had a really negative feeling and so we decided to just visit some places on our own.  I have no problems taking pictures to remember our adventures but I'm not going to try to catch ghosts!  And I'm certainly not going to take the HOURS of work to try to record a ghost's voice.  No, not for me.  

I hope you have an amazing week!  I hope your Memorial Day is filled with BBQs, memories, family and fun!  Please remember why we celebrate this day.  I am taking flowers to my grandmother's brother's grave tomorrow.  He died serving his country in WWII.  



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