Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 on Friday

Another week gone already?  Really?  Crazy.  This was a much mellower week than last week.  That makes me all kinds of happy!

Top 5 for the week...

1.  I was asked to record on another CD!  I am so excited to record with some of my very favorite people ever!  I can't wait!

2.  My 4 year old performed in the Spring dance concert this week.  It was adorable.  We managed to stay for the entire performance the first night but he was just too tired the second night to stay.  It's pretty long but well worth it!

3.  My 10 year old is at scout camp this weekend.  He wanted money to buy a whip!  Really?  I don't think so.  He came home with a knife that he bought.  Not much better son!  He's so stinking cute though!  And he's really, really good about not leaving his collection of knives laying around.  

4.  My kids made me breakfast in bed this week!  They said it's because they love their mom so much!  They made me over easy eggs and biscuits!  It was so good!

5.  We found out that my 4 year old doesn't have Celiac.  He's extremely anemic.  So he's on iron drops for 2 months.  I mix the iron drops with grenadine and he takes it like a champ!  

Bottom 5 for the week...

1.  I have been having the most bizarre dreams EVER!!  I usually love to dream at night but these dreams have freaked the heck out of me!  Let's see...Steve left me and wrote the note on an old burrito wrapper, one of my YW got married at 14,  Steve and I went to the pool and realized that we left our 4 year old at home (on the toilet), I was babysitting for a friend and the house was TRASHED when they got home (we're talking french toast on the carpet trashed), etc.  I hate these dreams!

2.  It's the first week of summer break and my kids are bored already!

3.  It's the first week of summer break and I'm tired of the fighting!

4.  There is something wrong with our dishwasher!  It's not cleaning the dishes at all!  And being the lazy woman I am just keep running the same load over and over again until they do get clean.  Who wants to do dishes by hand?  

5.  I'm leaving this blank...It was a good week!

I hope you all have an amazing week!


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