Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bleach T-Shirts

I can't wait to go to girls camp in a couple of weeks!  We decided this year that the girls would have matching t-shirts.  Our original plan was to have a crown silk screened on the corner and then the girls were going to use bleach pens to write on their shirts.  I thought that the bleach pens would look a little crazy so this is what we are doing.  I'm so glad that I experimented before!  Here's my "experiment." 

I saw this method in a magazine and thought it would be perfect for the camp shirts.  Since our theme is "A Royal You" I went with a crown.  I grabbed an old t-shirt out of the hubs' closet.  I went to the store and bought foam crown cut outs.  I bought multiple sizes so the girls can decorate their shirts how they want to.  The foam crowns didn't have adhesive on the back so I bought some spray adhesive.  Make sure that it is NOT permanent!  If the foam has adhesive already you just need to peel and stick!
The spray worked perfectly!  Make sure to spray a very light, even coat on the object you want to place on the shirt.  It could be your child's initial, or anything really!  You could even make reunion shirts with the last initial!
Pour the bleach in a spray bottle.  I used a very fine mist at first.  I didn't like that look so then I adjusted the spray bottle until I liked the pattern.  You can see that the fine mist was sprayed right on the crown.  I wanted it more splotchy. 
After the bleach dried I removed the crown and voila! 
The only thing I would change would be the sprayer on the bottle.  But to each his own!  Oh, and wear gloves!  This was fun!  After your shirt has dried make sure you wash it before you wear it!


Patty Ann said...

Now that looks like a great project! I think the girls would love it.

{leah} said...

What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

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