Thursday, July 28, 2011


I rarely post videos on my blog but this one deserves to be shared.
Today I am overwhelmed with the amount of blessings that are being poured out on me.  
I need money for the upcoming trip to the Netherlands.  We are going there as a singing group to perform and I know that there will be opportunities for missionary work.  My friends are helping me come up with ideas on how I can raise the money.  They are amazing!
Today I checked my email and learned of an opportunity to make some money.  
God is good to those that are faithful.  I am NOT perfect!  But God knows our hearts and our intentions.  He loves us.

I love music!  I love uplifting music.  It doesn't have to be performed by an LDS artist to be uplifting.  I am just discovering how amazing Christian music can be also.  Here is one of the most amazing songs ever!


Lamb said...

Love this song. Maybe I should do something to raise money, too! Excited to go on another tour with you!

Patty Ann said...

Love this. It is so beautiful.

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