Friday, August 12, 2011

5 on Friday

Time seriously needs to start slowing down!  I freak out some Fridays because the week has gone by just too fast.  How was your week?  I hope fabulous!

Top 5

1.  I met up with my sister in-law and my mother in-law and we took all the kids to Liberty Park in Salt Lake.  We go every summer.  Today was a blast!  Beth bought tickets for rides and I got to ride the Ferris Wheel with Carter.  He LOVED it!  Beth got a kick out of the look on Carter's face.  The kids played in the water features and we even rode the paddle boats on the lake.  So fun!  

My 10 year old.  He's going for the "zombie" look here.
 I LOVE the water park here!  I even took a turn running through!
 My little guy! 
2.  Melanie won So You Think You Can Dance!  This is a favorite show around these parts.  We have been rooting for Melanie from day one!  She's truly is an amazing dancer.  Good job Melanie!  We voted for you!
 3.  Tomorrow is the big audition day!  Here's to being the next Biggest Loser!

4.  I can actually see the carpet in my office!  Not only can I see it, I vacuumed it too!  It had become my dumping ground.  NO MORE!!  Take that clutter!

5.  I have actually been cooking.  I know, shocking!  Last night I made dessert too!  I never make dessert, EVER!  The looks on the kids' faces was priceless.  I'm surprised their eyes didn't bug out of their heads or something like that.  They've gobbled up everything I've made.  Here's to cheap and easy cooking that tastes amazing!  

Bottom 5

1.  Remember that shirt that I ordered for Carter?  I ordered a size 4 because he still fits in that size and that was the biggest size it came in.  First of all, Fed Ex delivered it to the wrong house.  Second, our neighbor opened it.  And third, the shirt isn't even close to a 4.  It's more like a size 2.  Perfect.

2.  My son and his cousin scared the living daylights out of my niece.  We were on the Ferris Wheel and they kept yelling "we're gonna die."  I told the to be quiet over and over again.  The ride stopped and I wondered why it was so short.  Then I realized that my terrified niece was crying so hard that the operator stopped the ride to let her off.  Uggg...

3.  After watching so many Harry Potter movies this week my 5 year old picked up the phrase "Bloody Hell."  He didn't understand why it was such a bad thing to say!  I have to admit though that the first time I heard it come out of his little mouth I laughed!  It wasn't as funny when he said it at our youth activity on Tuesday night.  Ok, yes it was.  Luckily he hasn't said it since.  He will cast spells with a British accent still luckily.  Hilarious!

4.  Our dishwasher is still NOT working (insert joke here, right?).  I was so good about keeping up with the hand washing of the dishes until yesterday when my motivation got up and walked out the door.  I think it's time to teach the kids how to really do the dishes.  But on a brighter note as I'm doing the dishes I think of my grandmas.  I pictured them in the 40's and 50's standing at the sink doing exactly what I am doing.  Oh and I also have sparkling clean dishes again.  You know it's time to stop using the dishwasher when the dishes come out dirtier than when you put them in!

5.  I'm not sure what's happening with the job hunt.  It doesn't look good right now.  Having my husband out of work is hard.  The money is running out.  What am I talking about?  It has run out.  Luckily he was found not at fault and so we will be able to collect unemployment.  Now a job would be nice.  I'm trying to find the positive in this though.  We have been extremely blessed.  We have a roof over our head and food in our bellies.  And we get to enjoy the time spent together.  

Now go out there and have a good week, you here?   


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