Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hollister Vs. Hollister

I posed this question on facebook today...
Do you think the clothing company Hollister is jealous that there's a colostomy company with the same name? Does that make my son cool because he has on a Hollister bag? You KNOW it does!!
Here's my favorite response:That's what I call a DESIGNER bag :)

I guess that means my son is sporting his colostomy in style!!  Who needs Hollister Surf when you can have Hollister bags?

p.s.  I think it's hilarious that there is a surfing company called Hollister.  Have you been to Hollister?  Do you know how far away from the beach it is?  If you only knew. 

p.p.s.  Hollister colostomy bags ROCK, just in case you were wondering!


hollister uk said...

that's a good question.

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