Sunday, October 30, 2011

YW in Excellence Theme...Fireworks!

In just a couple of weeks we are celebrating the accomplishments of the YW in our ward at Young Women in Excellence.  
It's a night for the girls to show the leaders and their parents the value projects they've worked on throughout the year.
This year we are having a fireworks themed event.  I'm so excited!  
I was looking for decorating ideas and found an adorable and cheap idea!  The blog I found it on is AWESOME!!  Check it out here!
How cute are these coffee filter flowers?  They have so much potential!  We can really make them look like fireworks.  I thought that we could color them with the different value colors!

We are on a very tight budget this year so this will work perfectly!  I also thought that paper pleated circles would be cute in the value colors.  

So cute!!  The possibilities are endless!  

The girls have a spark in them and that can be ignited by Personal Progress.
I feel so strongly that it can.  It WILL change a young woman for the better.

I have sparklers for all the girls for their handout and reminder that they can explode with confidence, color, virtue and everything else that is good and wholesome if they will follow the Prophet and this inspired program.


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