Friday, March 16, 2012

5 on Friday

This week flew by!  I hope you all had a great week!

Top 5...

1.  The Hubs scored free passes to the Outdoor Expo this weekend.  We took Carter today.  We had a good time looking at all the fun outdoor activity booths. The Hubs got to work the show yesterday with his mom and dad.  We saw soooo many stuffed animals.  Carter loved them.  I felt sorry for them.  I did see a pop up trailer that I must have!  

2.  I filled out my March Madness brackets for the very first time in my life.  Now I have to care about it, right?

3.  The Hubs and I went up Millcreek Canyon with his Mom and Dad for a photo expedition.  It was soooo much fun!  We even found a snow cave.  By the end of the night our pants were soaked!  
4.  I scheduled Carter's next surgery.  We are excited that this will be the end.  It WILL be the end!!  I can't take anymore of this!  

5.  I got the Hubs HOOKED on The Hunger Games books.  He pretty much hates me for it though.  He has gone to bed way too late each night because of those books.  LOL

Bottom 5...It's all about pet peeves this week

1.  I am sick and tired of mean people.  I am tired of bullies.  Enough said.

2.  I am tired of the messes that my kids make.  I'm ready to just burn the house down and start over.  Ok, I'm kidding.  I'll take my stuff out first!

3.  I hate fighting kids.  I hate lazy kids.

4.  I hate the kids taking my things without asking.

5.  I hate that we STILL don't have a working dishwasher.  It's been at least 4 or 5 months.  

Uggg...I'm glad this week is over.  Next week could be a HUGE week for our family!  Pray that the Hubs can get a job and that Carter's surgery goes well!  I'll keep you posted. 

Have a GREAT week.


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