Friday, April 27, 2012

5 on Friday

It's still Friday!  Here's the top 5 and bottom 5 for the week.  I hope you had a good one!

Top 5...

1.  My 13 year old got accepted into the AVID program at school for next year.  It's a college readiness program and we are so excited for her.  

2.  We finally got our family picture taken.  Both sets of parental forces had been bugging us for updated picts.  Done and done!

3.  I swear the things that come out of my kids' mouths boggle my mind.  We were watching TV this week and a commercial for Cialis came on.  Our 11 year old asked The Hubs if he took that medication.  I think I fell off the couch laughing. 

4.  We participated in the Great Shake Out here in Utah.  The state is trying hard to prepare us for the big quake!  Get me the heck out of here.  I grew up in CA.  I know what major earthquakes feel like.  I don't want to feel that again.  But it was good to teach The Hubs and the kids what to do.

5.  My 5 year old read his first book called "Where is Ned"?  So cute.  

Bottom 5...

1.  I didn't get that summer job I was hoping for.  I left it in God's hands.  He has other plans for me.  I'm OK with that.

2.  I donated Plasma on Thursday and my arm is KILLING me.  It's not the needle site that hurts.  It's my whole arm.  Uggg...It even hurt to lift grocery bags out of the car.

3.  Neighbors and pets are like oil and water sometimes.  I wish more people understood dogs.   

4. I threw my back out.  I was trying to suck in my fat.  Just kidding.  

5.  I honestly have been having a really hard time with depression lately.  The Hubs needs to find a job, ASAP!!  There are some good things in the works and I'm trying to hold onto hope but it's hard right now.  I am homesick for the beach.  I miss those warm summer nights hanging out with friends.  Being a grown up is hard for me right now.  Bring back my youth!!  

Ok...I feel better now.  

Until next week...   


Michele said...

Being a grown up IS hard, I totally agree! That is awesome about Addison. What a bright girl. Your ups seemed better than your downs, so that's an up right? I will send prayers your way on the job front!!!!

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