Friday, July 6, 2012

5 on Friday

Aren't you impressed?  2 weeks in a row!  This week has FLOWN by!  

Top 5...

1.  I took the shuttle to Rexburg on Monday and picked up my sister's kids.  They are vacationing here for the summer!  I love them like they were my own.  My 2 year old nephew calls me "tom tom".  Oh it's so dang cute! 

2.  The Hubs is amazing.  He has been nothing but helpful this week.  And with 6 kids to take care of I need help!  I have a friend who is pregnant with her 7th child!  I have sooooo much respect for her.  She is amazing.  

3.  We had a fun 4th of July.  I forgot my camera and am sad about that though!  We started the day watching the West Jordan parade.  We have friends that live right on the parade route.  It was nice to park in their driveway and hang out in the shade until the parade started.  Then we went to the in-laws for dinner, water fights and swimming.  It was awesome!

4.  The Hubs is getting better with his BBQ skills.  Do you know the difference between BBQ and grilling?  I do now.  BBQ is low and slow with smoke.  And man is The Hubs good!  He cooked the ribs for the 4th.  

5.  We were able to video chat with my mom and dad in Mexico.  They are serving down there as mission presidents of the Cuernavaca, Mexico Mission.  I have loved reading about their adventures so far and it was so good to see their faces.  I love that we can stay in close contact while they are serving for 3 years.

Bottom 5...

1.  Carter's PICC line broke.  It had to be replaced yesterday.  Our appt was supposed to be at 3.  But because of terrible communication they took a LONG case first.  I finally asked the nurse if she could call the IV team to do it.  My some miracle they were available.  So around 5 he was sedated and it was changed.  He had a double lumen PICC and I guess there is a problem with those lines breaking.  He's only had it a few weeks.  That is NOT good that there is a problem with them.  Luckily he didn't get an infection.  The line went up his neck just like last time so we took him to fluoroscopy and they re-wired it where it should be.  

2.  I LOVE the movie North & South (BBC version).  I borrowed it from the library and planned to watch it on the way up to Rexburg.  It was perfect because it is 4 hours long and who has time to watch a movie that long at home?  There was about 20 minutes left.  It was getting to the very best part and my stupid computer died.  Dumb battery!  Oh and the bus' interior lights didn't work so I couldn't read.  And the AC didn't work either.  So sad...

3.  I hate the heat of summer.  It really makes me grumpy.

4.  It poured rain yesterday.  That is NOT the bad part.  It's a miracle actually.  We needed it so badly.  The entire state is one dry tinderbox.  Prayers were answered.  The bad part was that our tent didn't get put down in time.  It wasn't my responsibility.  The rain fly wasn't on either.  I didn't know until this morning that lots of blankets were in the tent getting soaked.  They are hung up all down our fence drying right now.  

5.  Does anyone have any ideas how to keep birds out of the garden?  We have birds that just LOVE our garden this year.  They have picked my flowers and beans clean!  So annoying.  They just need to stay away from the tomatoes and pumpkins.  

I hope you all had a fantastic week!  And I hope this up coming week is filled with more ups than downs!


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